Field Exam/Dissertation Reading List

Twentieth-Century (Queer) Writers in Exile


Primary Texts


Henry James

The Bostonians (1886)

The Tragic Muse (1890)


André Gide The Immoralist (1902)


Gertrude Stein

QED (1903)

The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas (1933)


Thomas Mann

Death in Venice (1913)

The Magic Mountain (1924)

Doctor Faustus (1948)


E. M. Forster Maurice (1913-14/1971)


Hilda Doolittle (H.D.) HERmione (1926-27/1981)


Janet Flanner The Cubical City (1926)


Nella Larsen

Quicksand (1928)

Passing (1929)


Claude McKay

Home to Harlem (1928)

Banjo (1929)

Banana Bottom (1933)


Stephen Spender The Temple (1929)


Langston Hughes

Not Without Laughter (1930)

I Wonder as I Wander (1956)


Djuna Barnes Nightwood (1936)


Klaus Mann

The Pious Dance (1925)

Mephisto (1936)

Pathetic Symphony (1948)


Somerset Maugham

Up at the Villa (1941)

The Razor’s Edge (1945)


Jean Genet

Our Lady of the Flowers (1944)

Miracle of the Rose (1946)


Paul Bowles The Sheltering Sky (1947)


Gore Vidal

The City and the Pillar (1948)

Myra Breckenridge (1968)


Juan Goytisolo

Marks of Identity (1966)

Count Julian (1970)

John the Landless (1975)


Christopher Isherwood

The World in the Evening (1954)

Down There on a Visit (1959)

A Single Man (1964)

A Meeting by the River (1967)


James Baldwin

Giovanni’s Room (1956)

Another Country (1962)

Just Above My Head (1979)


William Burroughs Naked Lunch (1959)


John Rechy City of Night (1963)


Manuel Puig Kiss of the Spider Woman (1976)


Audre Lorde Zami:  A New Spelling of My Name (1982)


Arturo Islas

The Rain God (1984)

Migrant Souls (1990)


Edmund White

Caracole (1985)

The Beautiful Room Is Empty (1988)


Randall Kenan A Visitation of Spirits (1989)


Reinaldo Arenas

The Color of Summer (1991)

Before Night Falls (1993)


SECONDary Texts


Benedict Anderson Imagined Communities


Gloria Anzaldúa Borderlands/La Frontera:  The New Mestiza


Mikhail Bakhtin

“The Bildungsroman and Its Significance in the History of

        Realism (Toward a Historical Typology of the Novel)”

The Dialogic Imagination

Toward a Philosophy of the Act


Lennard Davis

Factual Fictions:  The Origins of the Novel

Resisting Novels:  Ideology and Fiction


John D’Emilio Making Trouble


John Hawley Postcolonial/Queer:  Theoretical Intersections


Irving Howe

“History and the Novel”

Politics and the Novel


José Muñoz Disidentifications


Edward Said “Reflections on Exile”


C. Patton & B. Sanchez-Eppler Queer Diasporas


Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick

Between Men:  English Literature and Male Homosocial


Epistemology of the Closet

Novel Gazing:  Queer Readings in Fiction