Academic Course Work

Listed below is an inventory of courses that I have taken in English and literary studies at the various schools I have attended.


The George Washington University (Washington, DC)

  • African-American Poetry

  • Southern Literature

  • 19th Century Seminar:  Melville, Douglass, and Dickinson

  • The Modern Novel

  • Independent Study:  The Works of Heinrich, Thomas, and Klaus Mann

  • The 19th Century African-American Novel

  • 20th Century Seminar:  American Literary Women (Jewett, Cather, Zitkala-Sa, Welty, and Margaret Walker)

  • Teaching Writing

  • Introduction to Theory

  • 20th Century Seminar:  James Baldwin

  • Introduction to Graduate Studies in English

The College of William and Mary (Williamsburg, VA)

  • The World Novel

  • Studies in American Poetry:  Whitman and Dickinson

  • Literature of the American South

  • Postmodern Literature

  • English Literature 1660 1744

  • 19th Century American Novel

  • Studies in Medieval Literature

  • Introduction to Literary Scholarship


Belmont University (Nashville, TN)

  • American Renaissance Literature

  • Women's Literature

  • Survey of German Literature

  • Modern Poetry

  • Advanced Rhetoric

  • Survey of Continental European Literature

  • Introduction to Literary Criticism

  • Shakespeare

  • Survey of British Literature

  • Survey of American Literature

  • Literature and History of the Western World

  • Freshman Composition I and II