Teaching Experience


During the current academic year, I am teaching a mixture of literature and composition classes for the Department of English and Modern Languages at Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. English 104 (Science and Technical Writing) is in my course load just about every semester. Beyond that, I usually lead sophomore-level literature surveys English 208 (Survey of World Literature I), English 209 (Survey of World Literature II), or English 204 (Survey of American Literature). Finally, I normally teach two to three upper-division courses each year.

Other classes I have taught at Shepherd University include:

  • English 448 (Senior Capstone Practicum in English)
  • English 447 (American Literature Travel Practicum)
  • English 446 (American Literature and the Prominence of Place)
  • English 405 (Seminar in Literature: The Literature of Exile)
  • English 399 (Special Topics: Lesbian Writers)
  • English 365 (Contemporary Literature)
  • English 355 (American Ethnic Literature)
  • English 313 (Literature in English since 1900)
  • English 312 (American Literature to 1900)
  • English 301 (Introduction to Literary Studies)
  • English 280 (Introduction to Technical Communication)
  • English 209 (Survey of World Literature II)
  • English 208 (Survey of World Literature I)
  • English 204 (Survey of American Literature)
  • English 104 (Science and Technical Writing)
  • English 102 (Writing for the Humanities)

Before coming to Shepherd, while I was a Visiting Assistant Professor at McDaniel College, I taught

  • English 2258 (African-American Literature)
  • Comparative Literature 2220 (Great Works of the Western World II)
  • Comparative Literature 2219 (Great Works of the Western World I)
  • English 1101 (Introduction to College Writing)

And while working on my Ph.D. at The George Washington University (GW), I taught two sections of English 10 (Freshman Composition) and two sections of English 11 (Research Writing).  Before starting the program at GW, I taught on an adjunct basis at Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC), specifically at NVCC’s main campus in Annandale, Virginia.  At NVCC I taught three sections of English 112 (Introduction to Literature) and one section of English 116 (Writing for Business) at NVCC.

If you are interested in seeing how I structure and lead the courses I teach, samples of my class syllabi are posted below.

Besides the experience I’ve had teaching at McDaniel, GW, and Northern Virginia Community College, I also taught for one year at the Friedrich Ebert Gymnasium (FEG) in Hamburg, Germany.  I was a Fulbright Scholar to Germany in 1988 – 89, and the award I received gave me the opportunity to teach English twelve hours a week in a German academic high school and to attend the University of Hamburg.

While I was at FEG, my accomplishments included:

  • Sponsoring the English Club
  • Teaching a semester-long session to the 12th grade English class entitled “American Dream/American Nightmare”
  • Teaching a semester-long session to the 12th grade English class on US regional literature
  • Teaching Our Town to the 10th grade English class and I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings to the 13th grade
  • Chaperoning the 8th grade’s week-long class trip to Bayreuth and Nuremberg